The Corporate Package versus Mark’s Unique Style

It’s good to know about the typical corporately-trained GRE prep instructor of the expensive, packaged online, or live classroom, courses. They are trained for one of the myriad GRE, MCAT, GMAT, or SAT tests a large company offers everywhere. This instructor is usually someone with some form of classroom experience – a company criterion. Perhaps he/she was an English teacher, or even a special education instructor who never had seen a GRE test curriculum before. This person is run through a series of trainings, often online, from company documents and videos, in specific test strategies, specific questions and their answers, and specific examples organized in a specific way. Often the trainee is trained well enough to get a high score on the GRE or perhaps got one some time ago, but sometimes even this is not a criterion for being hired. The training makes sure the teacher’s explanations are “by the corporate book” and must be more or less delivered the way the company approaches the test. Does all this training make that person a skilled online or in-person test prep teacher? The answer is no. Mark hears often from his current students about the corporately-appointed teacher of a course they had paid big bucks for that was a disappointment – too boring, linear, unimaginative to keep student interest. And too limited to crack through and troubleshoot mistakes in an insightful, growthful way. Read more

Tutoring Can Give a “Final Push”

Mark Wahl doesn’t see tutoring as the main vehicle of your GRE success. It is, however a fabulous safety net to have underneath you as you complete the online course, study the techniques, practice sample questions in recommended resources, and take accurately simulated tests that give important feedback on your scoring progress.  The safety net aspect is this: you know if you get stuck or plateau out on your scoring despite best efforts, you can turn to expert master-tutoring from Mark Wahl (live or by Skype) to dislodge an impasse in one of the test areas or spot the self-defeating beliefs and practices that are not allowing your scoring to rise. His track record in breaking students through in this way is very high. So keep this powerful option in your back-pocket as you go through the other potent processes and it will relax you about achieving your goals whether you ultimately use it or not! The majority of Mark’s online GRE students find they don’t need to take advantage of it.