Beat Pre-Test Stress/Anxiety

Introduction: In my live and online gre prep teaching I very often encounter students with high test anxiety and I have several ways to help alleviate it. It is a relative of “performance anxiety” brought on by having to respond to other’s perceived demands, whether of an audience or an an authority. The authority here is the ETS test company itself or the graduate department that, using the grade will pass a judgment on the test taker’s worthiness to attend the grad school. At its extreme, test anxiety can cause blanking of even obvious facts, “dumb” procedural mistakes, high stress leading to fatigue, even nausea and irritability. If you anticipate more than the usual bit of controllable nervousness while taking the test, here is a routine which, when done perhaps three times in leadup to the test, can help the subconscious “remember” a successful experience and outcome to the test experience. (Much more detail about this is conveyed in my online GRE prep course.) This summary will give you a sketch and feeling for it: Read more