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The Left and Right Brain in Testing

In my online GRE Prep course I want all students to appreciate the synergistic work their two hemispheres do. This gives more versitility to them as they test. Here is a summary: all of us have two major brain processors that work differently according to Nobel-prize-nominated research. We have a linear, rule-based, detail-oriented brain (usually […]

Beat Pre-Test Stress/Anxiety

Introduction: In my live and online gre prep teaching I very often encounter students with high test anxiety and I have several ways to help alleviate it. It is a relative of “performance anxiety” brought on by having to respond to other’s perceived demands, whether of an audience or an an authority. The authority here […]

Tutoring Can Give a “Final Push”

Mark Wahl doesn’t see tutoring as the main vehicle of your GRE success. It is, however a fabulous safety net to have underneath you as you complete the online course, study the techniques, practice sample questions in recommended resources, and take accurately simulated tests that give important feedback on your scoring progress.  The safety net […]