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    For me math has been a significant weakness in high school or college.
    1 - Disagree2345 - Strongly Agree


    I was once ok with math but it’s very rusty since it has been several years since I
    used it.1 - Disagree2345 - Strongly Agree


    I consider my vocabulary to be relatively... 1 - Small2345 - Large


    My reading ability - the ability to read dense material accurately, is: 1 - Limited23 - Average45 - Strong


    As a writer, I am able to write out an opinion: 1 - With some struggle if I have plenty of time23 - Reasonably coherently at a moderate speed45 - Articulately/Quickly


    A high-stakes test makes me: 1 - not particularly uneasy/some study is all I need23 - somewhat nervous but with some prep I can deal with it45 - Anxious/anticipating poor performance

    Now answer these questions. Many are not GRE questions per se but they give
    insight on your ability to handle GRE topics and conceptual twists.

    Note* To denote a power in your answer, use the ^ character, e.g. "a squared" = "a^2"

    7. Express as a mixed number, not a decimal:


    A computer sells for $968 after a 12% discount. What was its original price?








    Give the distance between the points (-4,7) and (8, -2) to the nearest tenth of a
    Find the slope (as a fraction) of the line drawn through each of these points




    Choose the two words or phrases, used one at a time in the blank in this sentence,
    that create two sentences that are basically equivalent:
    Although Georgia O’Keeffe is best known for her affinity with desert landscapes, her
    paintings of urban subjects ___________ her longtime residency in New York City.

    belieattest toconflict withcorroboratedetermine


    Choose the two words or phrases, used one at a time in the blank in this sentence,
    that create two sentences that are basically equivalent:
    Even though the survey was designated as an interdisciplinary course, it involved no
    real ____________ of subject matter.


    For each blank in 20 and 21 select an answer choice from the corresponding column
    of choices. Fill all blanks in such a way that they best complete the text.


    The failure of many psychotherapists to (i)____________ the results of pioneering
    research could be due in part to the specialized nature of such findings: even (ii)
    ____________ findings may not be useful.


    The diplomat, selected for her demonstrated persistence and acuity in conducting
    such delicate negotiations, (i) ______________ a decision during the talks because
    any precipitate commitment at that time would have been (ii) _____________.

    Reading Comprehension and Analytic Thinking


    The closest distance from which an asteroid has been photographed using
    ground-based radar is 2.2 million miles, the distance from which the asteroid Toutatis
    was recently photographed. The closest photograph of an asteroid is of Gaspra, which
    was photographed from a distance of only 10,000 miles.

    Which of the following can be properly concluded from the statements above?

    A. Toutatis is more likely to collide with the earth than Gaspra is.B. Toutatis, unlike Gaspra, has only recently been discovered.C. Asteroids can be photograpohed only by using ground-based radar.D. Ground-based radar photography cannot take photographs of objects much beyond 2.2 million miles from earth.E. The photograph of Gaspra was not taken using ground-based radar.


    Which of the following most logically completes the argument below?

    Alone among living species, human species experience adolescence, a period of
    accelerated physical growth prior to full maturity. Whether other hominid species,
    which are now all extinct and are known only through the fossil record, went through
    adolescence cannot be known, since

    A. the minimum acceleration in physical growth that would indicate adolescence might differ according to species.B. the fossil record, though steadily expanding, will always remain incomplete.C. detecting the adolescent growth spurt requires measurements on the same individual at different ages..D. complete skeletons of extinct hominids are extremely rare.E. human beings might be the first species to benefit from the survival advantages, if any, conferred by adolescence.

    Read and answer the questions following:

    Writing of the Iroquois nation, Smith has argued that through the chiefs’ council, tribal
    chiefs traditionally maintained complete control over the political affairs of both the
    Iroquois tribal league and the individual tribes belonging to the league, whereas the
    sole jurisdiction over religious affairs resided with the shamans.
    According to Smith, this division was maintained until the late nineteenth century,
    when the dissolution of the chiefs’ council and the consequent diminishment of the chiefs’ political power fostered their increasing involvement in religious affairs.
    However, Smith fails to recognize that this division of power between tribal chiefs and shamans was not actually rooted in Iroquois tradition; rather, it resulted from the Iroquois’ resettlement on reservations early in the nineteenth century. Prior to resettlement, the chiefs’ council controlled only the broad policy of the tribal league; individual tribes had institutions–most important, the longhouse–to govern their own affairs. In the longhouse, the tribe’s chief influenced both political and religious affairs.


    It can be inferred that the author of the passage regards Smith’s argument as:

    A. provocative and potentially useful, but flawed by poor organizationB. eloquently presented, but needlessly inflammatoryC. accurate in some of its details, but inaccurate with regard to a central pointD. historically sound, but overly detailed and redundantE. persuasive in its time, but now largely outdated


    The author of the passage implies that which of the following occurred after the
    Iroquois were resettled on reservations early in the nineteenth century?

    A. Chiefs became more involved in their tribes’ religious affairs.B. The authority of the chiefs’ council over the affairs of individual tribes increased.C. The political influence of the Iroquois shamans was diminished.D. Individual tribes coalesced into the Iroquois tribal league.E. The longhouse became a political rather than a religious institution.


    Write about a 5-sentence (preferably greater than 100 wds) paragraph indicating why you agree or disagree with the statement below. Try to use the best rules of writing construction, good grammar, effective vocabulary, and clear logical reasoning. In choosing a side, don’t worry about your more nuanced personal position–take one that is strongly pro or con and feel free to mention and critique views that disagree with yours. Take no more than five to seven minutes to complete this task:

    “Truly innovative ideas tend to come from individuals, because groups tend to work toward consensus and the status quo.”