Who is Mark Wahl?

MARK WAHL is owner and director of Mark Wahl Learning Services in Washington State near Seattle.

He has been both a mathematics learning specialist since the 70’s and a test preparation specialist since 1986. He is an author of 4 books and a professional development trainer of many hundreds of teachers.

With his math-coaching hat on, Mark often takes on the cases of children and adults who are pronounced “math-challenged,” having “math learning disabilities,” or those youths who require more acceleration and challenge in math than their teachers know how to provide. His success rate is in the mid 90%. He has also been an accomplished teacher of test preparation for the math and verbal parts of the SAT, GRE and GMATtests, using the latest brain research to help students strategize novel approaches to questions that use more of the brain’s capacity.

After hundreds of live classes Mark has now shifted to videos of his instruction with a live online class. The relaxed presentation “feels like a classroom” and of course the schedule and location is far more convenient for students.