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What others who purchased have to say…

Thanks for the great ideas for the GRE in your class. I just received my official scores today in the mail. On the verbal — 169; on the math — 161; on the analytical writing — 6! I expected to get about a 150 on the math section! I think your class made a huge difference in how I approached my studying and helped me feel more confident (not least of all with fractions!). I think your simple “bumper stickers,” too, for the analytical writing (“Be specific!” ” Be skeptical!”) greatly helped focus my writing during the test. Grateful — and pleased with my scores!

Mike E.

I’m extremely pleased with the results, and wouldn’t have been able to get there without the instruction of Mark Wahl.

“I took [Mark’s] GRE prep series, including his four-hour extra Math Reboot course. My initial scores on a practice exams had been around 284- (137-ish math and 147-ish verbal) after not having cracked a school book in about 12 years. I just took the exam this past Saturday and my combined score was 315 (156 math and 159 verbal). I’m extremely pleased with the results, and wouldn’t have been able to get there without the instruction of Mark Wahl!

Kathy R.

I am thrilled to report that I exceeded my goals! The most competitive program I am applying to wants scores above 50% in both sections, however their average for their current class was 56%-ile Math and 81%-ile Verbal. I did not think I would be able to pull the math up enough as last year I scored horribly and it really messed with my psyche, since I am a straight A student.
Today my scores were Math : 155 (64%-ile) and Verbal: 162 (89%ile). My verbal also improved from my last years test a lot- I was at a 73%-ile! Thanks!

Jason L.

I highly recommend Mark’s GRE preparation course

I’ve taken his class series that included the Math skill Reboot, and I find them extremely helpful. He really targets the math classes to bring out the skills needed for the quantitative section of the course. I had enrolled in the Kaplan course prior to taking Mark’s class, but I found that Mark’s course better suited my needs. I was disappointed with the level of instruction Kaplan provided. Mark’s years of experience outshine the competition. The classes are fun and he packs a lot of information into each session.

Barbara W.

…This [class] was affordable and much higher quality…I felt like I was right there in the classroom!

I loved the course as a video offering so I could keep up with my studies while traveling for business and at night after work. Having the flexibility to fit my schedule is why Mark Wahl’s class was recommended to me by friends who used it to successfully get into an MBA program. I felt like I was right there in the classroom! The best part is he prepares you to take the test with lots of tips, tricks, and strategies. I feel confident I’ll be as prepared as I can be come test day! Compared to other programs this one was affordable and much higher quality.
Ashley A.